A Bold Choice for Coffee Lovers

Single Origin Coffee from Tazania and Colombia: A Bold
Choice for Coffee Lovers

Most coffee that is available on the market is typically made from a blend of beans from different
origins. This is done to be able to achieve a certain flavor as well as to make the product more
However, for those who are looking for coffee that’s higher quality with a distinct flavor and unique
source, single origin coffee is the way to go.
Single origin coffee refers to beans that have been sourced from one location. Often, it is used to refer
to the country of origin, but there are brands that go one step further and source their coffee from a
single region or even a single farm!

What Makes Single Origin Coffee So Special?
There are three reasons why single origin coffee is considered to be better compared to blended coffee.
First, single origin coffee tells a story about where it is from, whether it’s about the country or about the
producer. For people who are interested in a certain coffee line’s provenance, single origin beans give
insight into how and where a particular coffee is grown.
Second, single origin coffee is prized because of its unique taste. They are typically bolder in flavor
because the beans all come from one source, hence, the re is a single flavor profile that is highlighted.
Finally, single origin coffee is known to have higher quality and purity. Since the beans only come from
one source, it is easier to maintain the quality of the beans through the whole process of growing,
shipping, and roasting the beans.
There are many single origin coffees available, but this article will focus on two in particular: Tanzanian
coffee and Colombian coffee.

Tanzania Single Origin Coffee
Tanzania single origin coffee is one of the most popular coffee varieties from Africa. It is grown in
various regions in Tanzania, such as Arusha, Songea, and the Moshi district. While Tanzanian coffee is
typically compared to Kenyan coffee, it is milder and less acidic. It has a medium body with a creamy
mouth feel and has fruity and floral notes.
To accentuate the bright flavors of Tanzanian coffee, the best roast to use is the city roast (also called
medium roast). This roast helps highlight the acidic notes of Tanzanian coffee as well as amps up the
spicy finish. However, you can still roast Tanzanian coffee to darker roasts if you prefer a stronger,
smokier beverage.

Colombia Single Origin Coffee
Every coffee lover in the world knows that South America is one of the biggest producers of coffee, and
Colombian coffee is perhaps one of the most popular of all varieties produced in the region. It is not
difficult to see why Colombian coffee is so popular given its rich taste, medium body, and citrus-like
Colombian coffee is known for its smoothness, which is why it is often used to mellow out stronger bean
varieties from other countries. However, if you brew single origin Colombian coffee, you will be able to
enjoy the more subtle notes of this coffee, such as chocolate, caramel, apple, and berry.
Another reason why Colombian coffee is so popular is that it can be used for virtually any roast! Lighter
roasts tend to bring out the citrus and spice flavor profile, while darker roasts bring out the sweeter and
heavier flavor notes.

Whether you’re a fan of Tanzania single origin coffee or Colombia single origin coffee comes down to
personal preference. If you like your coffee bold and spicy, Tanzania is a better choice. However, if you
like a coffee blend that you can experiment with, Colombian coffee is the right one for you. Play around
with the roast and grind size and see which coffee type you love best! But whatever is your coffee
choice, you can always enjoy it with the best coffee maker available in the market. Do you have a coffee inquiry? Our friends from the Earl Of Coffee would be happy to help. Go to www.earlofcoffee.com for more coffee tips and product reviews.

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