About Us

   Quality Coffee doesn't need to be hard to find. Either it tastes bland, or it's too expensive, but we don't do that. Great taste and good pricing are what WE do. People go through the hassle of seeking for the coffee that satisfies them. But over here, we have coffee for everyone! No one has to go to that convenience store with bad coffee, nor even get up from the couch! All from your phone! Avril is a young entrepreneur from Rhode Island who had thought of building a website of coffee. Determined, that's what she did. Avril is now starting her first year of middle school and is very passionate about ice skating. She competes with a synchronized skating team but also competes by herself in solo competition. Avril is a first-generation Hispanic in the United States. She enjoys history and writing while school is in session and is the head debater in her class. She has argued on why classes should start at noon and end at 6:00 pm and why plastic straws shouldn't be banned, giving her the highest score in the class, even though she believes that we should get plastic alternatives to save the planet and leave the schools opening at 8:00 to 3:00 pm.  Avril's parents have taught her the importance of responsibility and the value of a dollar. Building this website is one way of showing her parents that she understands what they have taught her. She has an adorable Westie called Carlos, who came from Colombia and was given to Avril as a big Christmas present, and has been a family member ever since. Avril's goal is to become Hollywood's most successful actress of the century.